About us

About us

Our clients in the past have been based in the UK, US, Europe, South Africa, Ghana and India so we like to think we are a worldly agency but also with our feet firmly on the ground.

We make sure that your website message is consistent on the web and inspires those that see it.

We create websites very much in mind for the viewer that are thought out and therefore easy to navigate. We immerse ourselves in the content and work closely with our clients so we can structure the brief and add our unique value to your project and business. All our websites are responsive so your website will look good on any device. We provide a full SEO service as well to promote your website.

Jomo works with a long list of preferred suppliers we have known from many years so we can always deliver our clients requirements. If we need to translate a marketing piece into five European languages or deliver a job to Spain for a world telecoms event with a date that can’t be moved, we know we can.

Jomo Design & Advertising Wharf Road, Shillingford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 7EW. Tel:07876 382321 info@jomodesign.co.uk

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